Hi, I'm Zech Bard.

I'm a creative director with 10+ years of experience working with small and large brands.

I'm currently a writer at Work & Co creating digital apps for Fortune 500 companies like Gatorade and T-Mobile. On the side, I build brands and create messaging for local nonprofits.

Some things I have written:
“Backed by science, used by the pros.” Gatorade
“Love doesn't look away.” LiveLove
“A path is a way forward...” PATH
“Do more with your ideas.” Dropbox
“The cloud is an instrument.” Google
“Stories for the curious.” MAEKAN
“The smallest things you do are not small at all.” Remind
“Live. Climb. Repeat.” Black Diamond
“Enjoy the ride.” Levis
“Start here.” The Met
“Don't buy the tie.” TMP

Thanks for reading.